Northern Traditions  

Despite the changing face of Britain and the busy pace of modern life, a  significant number of old customs and traditions are still kept alive in towns and villages around the British Isles. Local pride in these traditions is often as strong as it ever was, and the customs are even more valued today because they provide an opportunity for members of the community to get together.
Over the past few years i have attended some of these events in the region where i live and i hope the pages on this website will provide something of the flavour of these unique customs.


Allendale Tar Barrel Parade
Held annually on New Years Eve, in the village of Allendale, 10 miles to the Southwest of Hexham, Northumberland.

Haxey Hood
Held annually on the 6th January, in the village of Haxey, 12 miles east of Doncaster.

Goathland Plough Stots  
Held annually on the 1st Saturday after Plough Sunday, in the village of Goathland 12 miles north of Pickering.

Some details about the background of the Plough Stots.

Barwick Maypole
Held ever three years in the village of Barwick in Elmet, 8 miles east of Leeds. Maypole taken down on Easter Monday, raised on Whit Tuesday. 

End of an Era in Barwick? --click here for 2005 update

Burning of Bartle
Held annually on the Saturday nearest the 24th August, in the Village of West Witton, 4 miles west of Leyburn in North Yorkshire.

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