Yorkshire Holy Wells



Holy Well (St Helen's?) - Draughton
(SE 0270 5325)

This holy Well is located in a grass field on the north side of the Skipton to Bolton Bridge road. The actual spring (and original holy well?) must be in the nearby banking and the water passes through a metal pipe to a stone trough which is now used to water cattle. On a visit to the well in August 99 the trough was about half full with water, however the water did not appear to flowing from the pipe into the trough, so perhaps just enough seeps in to top up this level?

This holy well may have been dedicated to St. Helen, as Guy Ragland Philips (1) mentions a St Helen's well between Skipton and Bolton Bridge, but does not give its exact location. However he lived in this area and so may have had local knowledge about the well dedication.

(1) Brigantia, Guy Ragland Philips, 1976.

Access - A footpath from the road passes the well trough.
Condition - Neglected - no change since 1988.