Yorkshire Holy Wells



St Everilda's Well - Everingham
(SE 8052 4252  site of -covered?)

Although the Rev Smith records that this well was filled in and its location lost (see below), the 1850's OS map marks the well 'St Everilda's Well (pump)' at the above grid reference. A few metres to the south of the site of the well the modern OS map marks the start of a stream (SE 8055 4250) which could be the original source of the Holy wells water. This might also explain the rector telling Rev Smith the water ' IS abundant and excellent'.

The well site is located 200m to the North east of  Everingham church which the old OS map shows as being dedicated to St Emeldis.


Rev Smith wrote...
Everingham had a well dedicated to St. Everildis, as is the church, which gives evidence of Norman work. St. Everildis lived in the seventh century, and is thought by some to have founded a monastery at Everingham and to have given her name to the place, but this cannot certainly be confirmed. She is said to have blessed the water of the village and the mothers. The water, i was told by the rector on my visit, is abundant and excellent, and that during the last fifty years no mother had died in giving birth to a child. The well was situated in the Park, the seat of the lord of the manor, in an enclosure formerly open to the people of the village. It is now filled in, and the site known to a few of the older inhabitants only if at all. (p140)

R.C. Hope wrote...
In the garden here, belonging to lord Herries, is a well dedicated in honour of St Everilda. It is square and was formerly resorted to by the villagers, but is now closed. (p178)


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